Why Is Bathtub Jets Not Working? Generate Effective Idea To Troubleshoot It.

bathtub jets not working

You’ve just finished a long day at work and want to soak and relax in a hot bath. You fill the tub, turn on the jets, and start waiting for relaxation. Then, you experience a weak stream of water coming out from the bathtub jets. It’s frustrating!

Sometimes, even the bathtub may start later. So, why are bathtub jets not working? Why are you receiving low water flow? Most likely, something is blocking the jets. Or the water isn’t getting through them properly. Don’t worry! You can clean the bathtub jet and eliminate its blocks.

We will guide you through troubleshooting and fixing the bathtub jet problem soon. So, stay with us for quick maintenance of the tub jets for a perfect bath.

Why Is Bathtub Jets Not Working?

Bathtub jets provide a luxurious and relaxing experience. So, when they’re not working, it frustrates everyone. There are several reasons for bathtub jets failing to work correctly. Fortunately, most of them are easy to fix.

So, when you see jets not working on tub properly, don’t panic! Instead, carefully check the jet and try to find the possible reason.

1. Inappropriate power supply:

The main reason for bathtub jets not turning on is defective wiring. When the wires are loose or faulty, the tub jet won’t have enough power to run at full strength. At this moment, the jet will not provide you with an adequate water supply.

 2. Clogged Jets

If the jets are clogged, they won’t be able to shoot water out. As this happens, you may experience two things:

  • The water will either come out in a trickle
  • Or, the water won’t come out at all.

The severity depends on how clogged the bathtub jets have been. Fortunately, you can remove the clogs. The best way to clear the jets is to use a needle or a toothpick. We will show the right way in the relevant section.

3. Debris in the Tub Drain

If debris is in the tub drain, it can prevent the water from draining correctly. This will cause the water to back up into the bathtub. Consequently, it prevents the jets from working. The problem is acute with old bathtubs. When you don’t clean the tub drain properly, debris build-up will be a common issue.

You can use a plunger or a snake to clear out the drain. It will collect the small and large blockages to free the tub drain. Eventually, it will help the jet to work correctly.

4. Low Water Pressure

At times, the water pressure in the supply line can be too low. Low water pressure will not be strong enough to push water through the jets. So water won’t come out through all the holes of the bathtub jets. It’s frustrating!

You can adjust the faucet to see if it fixes the jet. Or else, try increasing the water pressure at your home.

 How to Fix Bathtub jet:

As you see, bathtub jets may stop working for different reasons. So, you can try various methods to fix it quickly.

  • Check the power: First, you must check the power and connecting outlet. Ensure that the jets are turned on, and there is power to the outlet. Also, check the wires for any damages and replace them if needed.
  • Check the filter: Dirty filter inside the jets can prevent the water from flowing through the jets properly. As this happens, clean or replace the filter as needed. You can access it inside the jet as you unscrew its front.
  • Observe the hose: The hose could leading to the bathtub jet can be kinked or blocked. First, try unkinking the hose. If it leaks, apply plumbing putty to fix it. If the hose is blocked, use a plunger to unclog it.
  • Look for blockages. There could be a blockage somewhere in the system. Naturally, it will prevent the water from flowing through correctly. After our next steps, check for any apparent blockages and clear them as necessary.

Identifying and Fixing Blocked Jets

Have you determined that your jet system isn’t working because of a blockage? If so, you must identify where the obstruction is. Then, you can quickly remove the blockage to unclog the tub jets.

Firstly, start the process by removing the cover plates from the jets. Now, carefully inspect the area for standing water and also check the area for standing water, debris, or other visible blockages. If you can spot it, remove it using a plumbing snake or forceps. Often a plumbing snake or auger will successfully clear out the blocked jet.

Next, inspect the filter for any damage once the blockage is cleared. You have to ensure it’s clean and working correctly. If not, replace the filter with a new one. Usually, the filters will last for 1 to 2 years. After that, change it for proper bathtub maintenance and hygiene.

Thirdly, it’s also recommended to backflush the pipes with a cleaning solution. Doing so will flush out any other debris and build-up. To unclog the hose, use hot water, vinegar, and a baking soda mixture. It will take only 10 to 20 minutes.

Finally, ensure that the jets are properly tightened down. Often loose bathtub jets may stop working correctly. So, tightening it helps to get jet water to flow smoothly.

What to Do if You Can’t Find the Blockage

Sometimes, you might need help finding the blockage. Also, you’ve tried turning off the circuit breaker and restarting it, but the jet doesn’t start anyway. Then, it might be time to call in a professional.

  • This could mean a plumber if the issue is related to your water supply
  • or an electrician if it’s related to your electrical system

Hence, you must inspect and identify the reasons correctly for the bathtub jets not turning off. In some cases, you may need to take apart the entire system. An additional valve or pressure switch might need to be adjusted or replaced. You can replace the pressure valves for less than $20 within 1-hour.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning the Jets

When troubleshooting your bathtub jets, cleaning them the right way is critical. Unfortunately, most people hurry into it and cause further damage. So, avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Using an abrasive cleaning product will help. You can use bleach or acid-based solutions. These abrasive products will corrode and damage the plastic jets.
  • Don’t use anything too hard to scrub, such as metal wire brushes. The hard scrubbers can cause scratches on the surface of the jets.
  • Always avoid using any cleaning products that contain oils. The oily substances could make it harder for the jets to run accurately.
  • Finally, ensure you rinse off all cleaning product residue after each use. Or else it could lead to a build-up of dirt and grime. Eventually, it will cause clogs and blockages in your bathtub jet system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can bathtub jets be replaced?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to replace the bathtub jets. Restabilized it at home with a DIY project is incredibly challenging. Thus, we suggest you call a plumber to replace the bathtub jet. It will cost you around $100 to $200.

How do you reset a jetted tub?

Answer: You can reset the jetted tub from its access panel. Depending on your bathtub jet design, the panel can be on the wall or cabinet. There you press the reset button on the access panel. In most cases, it helps the jetted tub to start running properly again.

Do you need to clean bathtub jets?

Answer: Yes, you must clean the bathtub jets timely. Over time, the jet and its hose can get clogged due to residue. Thus, cleaning the bathtub jets yearly will help them work properly.

Bathtub jets not working correctly isn’t a pleasant scene. As it happens, you can quickly troubleshoot it following our steps. First, observe and identify the jetted tub problem and its reasons. Then, fixing it should be easy for you. You should clean the bathtub jet and eliminate most problems.


There are a few reasons behind for which bathtub jets not working and we have tried to cover all of them. Therefore, we have included multiple solutions for the problem. Expectantly, you find our guidelines helpful and adequate.

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