How to Convert Gas Dryer to Electric” Is It Logically Correct?

Converting Gas Dryer to Electric

The convenience and speed at which a gas dryer dries clothing make it a popular choice among homeowners. However, some individuals may still prefer using an electric dryer over a gas one. Additionally, it is common for individuals to convert their gas dryer into an electric one, further demonstrating the versatility of dryer options available to homeowners.

But whether it is possible to convert a gas dryer into an electric is the primary concern here. Meanwhile, it is possible, in that case, you must have to know how to convert gas dryer to electric accurately.  

Therefore, one must possess particular technical expertise and knowledge about the whole process to fulfill this task. The method includes understanding the steps and procedures required to convert a gas dryer into an electric one. Without this knowledge, converting a gas dryer to an electric one may prove challenging and impossible.

Now essentially, to convert a gas dryer to electric, you must change the energy source from propane or butane to electricity. Moreover, by connecting it to an electrical outlet or wiring it into the home’s electrical system, the gas line must be blocked by turning off the gas supply valve and disconnecting any gas lines connected to the dryer. Next, you must adjust the heating assembly, relays, sensors, and control settings to ensure complete and appropriate conversion. But we advise you to seek professional help for a safe and proper conversion.

How to Convert Gas Dryer to Electric Step by Step Guideline

You must proceed cautiously if you wish to switch from a gas to an electric dryer. It will be challenging, as you’ll have to replace the original energy source and adjust the appliance as necessary. It’s important to ensure that you take the required safety measures and understand the essential steps to achieve a successful conversion.

Let’s start with the 1st steps:

Step 1: To convert your gas dryer to electric, you need to source a 240V and single-phase circuit from a hardware store. Once you have the circuit, follow the user instructions to connect it to the gas dryer.

Step 2: When mounting the 240V circuit into the gas dryer, be aware not to cause any damage. Be sure to secure the circuit with screws to prevent it from falling off the dryer.

Step 3: Now attaching a cable to the 240V electric circuit is necessary to easily connect the converted electric dryer to the exterior electric outlet.

Step 4: After attaching a cable, you must connect the cable from the electric outlet to a plug to attach it easily.

Step 5: After blocking the gas line that supplied the propane or butane gas to the dryer, you should install a high-quality metal or plastic cap to ensure a tight seal. If the cap is not sealed properly and leaks, it could allow air to enter the converted electric dryer from the gas dryer without a gas source, resulting in damage to the machine and possibly leading to it ceasing to function.

Step 6: To ensure the proper operation of your gas dryer, you must adjust the necessary functions and components to electric ones. Refer to the user manual for guidance on this process.

Step 7: Reading the gas dryer user manual will give you an understanding of its heating assembly, controls, settings, and relays, as well as the different sensors. With this knowledge, you can then begin the conversion process.

Step 8: Carefully dissect each component of the gas dryer and adjust it accordingly to fit the electric dryer. The conversion process can be time-consuming, so take your time and be diligent.

Step 9: Once you have followed our steps to convert your gas dryer’s necessary parts and functions to electric. The dryer is ready to be plugged into an electric outlet and now will run on electricity.

Is it worth it to convert a gas dryer to an electric one? It is easily doable, but you should evaluate the pros and cons before deciding.

In the upcoming section, we will analyze the solution and contrast the advantages of a gas and electric dryer to help you decide on which one to use after the conversion. Bear with us.

Do you want to transform a gas dryer into an electric dryer?

Consider the following points to help you decide if it is the right choice:

The Cost of Converting a Gas Dryer to an Electric:

Converting a gas dryer to an electric one can be a costly endeavor. Suppose you choose to go through with the conversion. In that case, you will need to replace all the components of the gas dryer, including the gas burner, igniter, safety fuses, and even the burner tube.

This is because the two dryers operate at different temperatures and the safety fuses and burner tube design are also incompatible. The cost of all the component replacements and the necessary adjustments can add up quickly. For this reason, converting a gas dryer to an electric one will not be profitable.

Unavailability of the Conversion Switch

The availability of a conversion switch to transform a gas dryer into an electric one would make the process much easier and faster. Unfortunately, such a switch does not exist, leaving manual conversion as the only option. It can be a time-consuming process and make converting the gas dryer difficult.

Knowledge of Wiring Required:

Converting a gas dryer to an electric dryer is difficult, as it requires knowledge of appliance functions and wiring. The gas dryer operates on 110V electricity, while electric dryers require 240V. Attempting to convert the electric circuit of the gas dryer without the proper knowledge of wiring and appliance system is not recommended, as it can be challenging.

Cost Savings of an Electric Dryer

Investing in a new electric dryer is more cost-effective than converting a gas dryer. Not only can you purchase an electric dryer for an affordable price, but you can also enjoy the convenience it provides. Therefore, converting a gas dryer is unnecessary.

Convert or invest?

Converting a gas dryer into an electric one may seem practical; however, it is not. If you need an electric dryer, it is best to invest in a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the advantages of a gas dryer compared to an electric dryer? 

Answer: The main advantage of a gas dryer is that it generates more heat to dry your clothes faster. Additionally, it uses less energy than the electric dryer, making it more energy efficient. Lastly, it is usually more affordable than the electric dryer.

Is it necessary to provide adequate ventilation for electric dryers? 

Answer: Yes, providing adequate ventilation for electric dryers is essential. Without proper ventilation, warmer air and moisture can become trapped inside the space and cause damage to walls and other surfaces, and harm human health. Therefore, creating an effective way for moisture and warmer air to escape is vital.

How can I ensure that my gas dryer plug is correctly grounded?

Answer: You should contact a licensed electrician to ensure that the gas dryer plug follows the necessary building codes and is properly grounded.

What do I need to do to convert my gas dryer to an electric dryer? 

Answer: To convert your gas dryer to an electric dryer, purchase an electric dryer cord and install a 240-volt electric dryer outlet. Additionally, you may need to replace the gas line and the dryer vent.

Which type of dryer has a more extended lifespan, gas or electric?

Answer: A gas dryer typically has a longer lifespan than an electric dryer.


In the end, we have already answered the question of “how to convert gas dryer to electric.” But we don’t appreciate it, since it is not cost-effective or not safe to do at home. If you insist on doing that, you better take professional help rather than try it yourself.

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