Cold Water Coming Out Of Hot Water Faucet: Top 4 Reasons and Solutions Explained

Cold Water Coming Out Of Hot Water Faucet

You turn on your hot water faucet to wash your hands and see cold water coming from it. Nothing can be more painstaking than experiencing such abnormal conditions. So yes, it’s not normal when you see cold water coming out of the hot water faucet.

There can be a problem with the water supply line, the thermostat stopped working, and low air pressure. Thus, you need to inspect the reason for getting cold water through the hot water faucet. You must also fix it ASAP to avoid inconvenience in winter.

So, let’s dive into finding the right causes of water not coming through the faucet for hot water.

Why Is Cold Water Coming Out of Hot Water Faucet?

During winter, we are direly in need of hot water. But things can be horrifying when we see cold water coming instead of hot water through the faucet. When it happens, you must observe the faucet, water line, thermostat, and heater to identify and solve the problem.

Problem 1: Wrong setting of the thermostat:

When you see the hot water faucet not working, it might be due to the wrong settings of the thermostat and timer. The heater connected to your water supply line contains a timer and thermostat. You can use them to control the temperature and heating time of the water.

If the hot water faucet also delivers cold water, you must immediately check the timer and thermostat. Often you may apply the wrong settings for it. As it happens, the heater will not provide enough heat to make the cold water hot. Thus, the faucet will pour cold water instead of heated ones.

Problem 2: The thermostat stopped working

Another common cause of cold water coming through the hot faucet is the malfunctioning thermostat. This device measures the water temperature and helps the heater work appropriately. Unfortunately, the thermostat might stop working due to an electrical shortage or years of continuous use.

Thus, the heater will fail to detect the temperature and deliver cold water to both faucets.

Problem 3: Water heater stopped working:

The scariest part of seeing no hot water coming out of the faucet, only cold, is a damaged or failed water heater. Electrical shortages or malfunctions inside the water heater force it from working correctly.

Thus, you need to inspect it closely and find the reason for its failure soon. The main reasons for an electrical heater not working are:

  • The safety fuse of the heater may be blown out due to an overload
  • There can be tripped circuit breaker for the sudden change in voltage
  • The safety switch of the thermostat may have blown out.
  • Failed copper heating material inside the heater

As you see, multiple reasons contribute to the inappropriately working water heater. As a result, your hot water faucet will deliver cold water.

Problem 4: Faulty water diverter of the faucet:

Modern-day water faucets have a diverter inside them. It directs the cold and hot water into the two different faucet mouths. However, with overuse or wearing out, the diverter may fail to divert the hot and cold water accordingly.

It is a common reason for the hot water faucet not working. Sometimes, you even turn off the diverter in your main water supply line.

How Do You Fix Cold Water from Hot Tap

Fixing the cold water running through the hot water tap depends on its main reason. We have described the top four reasons for cold water in the faucet. So, let’s check its solutions.

Solution 1: Set the thermostat and timer settings properly

Although wrong settings for the timer and thermostat is common, it is also the easiest to solve. All you need is to reset the timer and thermostat settings. You need to shut off the heater and let it cool down before working with its settings. Or else you may face scalding on your hands and fingers.

Solution 2: Try replacing the thermostat

In most cases, when the thermostat stops working, it won’t be fixable further. So, you may have to buy a new thermostat and install it with the heater. You should buy the thermostat from the same company as your water heater or their authorized seller. It will help you pair both heating devices with ease.

However, modern-day thermostats have a safety switch. Sometimes it may blow out for overheating or overload. You can replace the safety switch to help the thermostat work again.

Solution 3: Fixing the water heater problems

You should observe and find its reason when you only see cold water in the faucet. For this, follow these steps:

  • Please turn off your water heater and allow a couple of minutes to help it cool down. It helps you work properly.
  • Now one by one, check the appliance’s copper wiring inside, thermostat, heating device, safety fuse, etc.
  • When you find the actual reason, start acting accordingly. If the safety fuse is blown away, install a new one.
  • Call for professionals if the malfunctioning copper wire is causing the problem. They will fix or replace it.

Solution 4: Fixing the water diverter

First, check the diverter in the main water line. If it is turned off, switch it on to see what happens. Plus, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the water supply line and access the diverter inside the faucet. You have to remove the faucet cap for this and detach the cartridge.
  • Check if the diverter is damaged or has corrosion. You will need to replace it with the new one or install a new faucet.

As you see, electrical failure is the culprit for a hot water faucet not working. So, you must find and solve the problem fast to enjoy hot water.

Hot Water Coming Out Of Cold Faucet

At times, hot water too can come through the cold faucet. It can be due to improper setting of the heater and low pressure on the cold faucet. Plus, the copper inside the heater may work improperly to heat the water too high. Thus, you won’t find cold water coming through its dedicated faucet.

You must stop the faucet and heater from finding the causes of it. Then, we suggest you take action to fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Why is my hot water not coming out of the faucet?

If hot water isn’t coming from the faucet, it might be due to the faulty water heater. Also, the thermostat may stop working and have inappropriate settings.

  • How do you know if your mix valve is broken?

When the mixing valve is broken, the hot water in your tap will run hotter. Likewise, since the mixing valve fails to blend the hot and cold water, it runs hotter.

  • How much does a mixing valve cost?

A mixing valve is usually around $100. So, replacing a mix of cold and hot water is cheaper than you might anticipate.

  • What happens if hot water lines are crossed?

If hot water lines are mixed, you will see fluctuation in water temperature. Plus, you will experience discomfort in using the water, and there will be a massive loss in energy uses.


Cold water coming out of the hot water faucet isn’t a normal condition. It happens mainly because of damaged water mixing or diverter. Plus, inappropriate settings of the timer and water heater, along with the electrical failure of the devices, may cause the cold water to run from the hot faucet too. You need to check the safety fuse and stop overloading to help the water heater and thermostat run correctly and get hot water at the appropriate temperature.

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