How to Fix Kitchen Drawers that Fall Off Track

how to fix kitchen drawers that fall off track

The drawers in the kitchen cabinet are utilized the most. They provide storage for all the necessary kitchen tools and other convenient items. In a word, they assist you in keeping your kitchen organized. However, at times, the drawers may become dislodged or stuck. As a result, you may encounter issues such as the inability to close the door or store items inside the drawer. Therefore, repairing it becomes essential as soon as possible.

But the question is how to fix kitchen drawers that fall off track.

Eventually, there are a few ways to fix them. Installing a stop block at the back is usually sufficient for wooden drawers. For metal drawers, repairing or replacing the metal slides may be necessary. In that case, you will need tools such as a drill, screws, wood block, pencil, and screwdriver to fix the drawers.

In this guide, you will discover simple techniques for repairing a kitchen cabinet drawer that has fallen off its track. Also, you will understand why this issue occurs and how to avoid it in the future.

Possible Reasons Why Kitchen Drawers Fall Off Track:

Generally, repetitively jerking or shaking drawers can result in them opening by themselves. Additionally, overloading the drawers with excessive items can cause the sliders to become wider or more difficult to maneuver.

Therefore, another possible cause for drawer issues is slamming it shut, which is not recommended. As it can damage the front of the drawer. Other reasons may include mistreating the drawer or wear and tear over time. It can cause the rollers to detach from the track; consequently, the wooden tenons come out of the mortise.

How to Inspect the Reasons:

If you’re curious about the reasons behind drawer issues, conducting some investigation can be helpful. Begin by examining the drawers that are causing problems. Remove them from their rails and the cupboard, then search for any loose items inside or along the rails.

Occasionally, a drawer may open independently, which can be unsettling, particularly at night. Typically, this occurs due to warped housing, loosened rails, or other structural issues. To determine the cause, check if the sliders are functioning correctly by inspecting the sides or underside of the drawer. Loose screws in the cabinet drawers may also be a contributing factor in some cases.

Use a flashlight to inspect the inside of the drawer housing. Additionally, you can insert a long and narrow brush into the drawer’s interior and run it along the rails and sides to identify any loose items. Next, remove any unnecessary items from the drawers that may be causing the problem.

How to Fix Kitchen Drawers that Fall Off Track (You Need 5 Steps)

Since kitchen drawers falling off the track can be problematic, you must fix them urgently. Below are solutions for both metal and wooden drawers.

How to Fix Wooden Drawer that Falls Off Track

Numerous traditional kitchen cabinets utilize wooden slides, lacking an active mechanism to prevent their drawers from falling off the track. In such instances, follow the following steps:

Step 1

To begin, remove the drawer from the kitchen cabinet. To do so, stand before the cabinet and pull the problematic drawer from both sides. If it only comes out halfway, avoid forcing it. Instead, gently tap the sides of the drawer from left to right or vice versa to guide it out of the cabinet.

Alternatively, you may use special nylon tape or add paraffin to the slider to make removing easier.

Step 2

You can use a stop block to prevent the drawer from sliding out on its own. These can be purchased at a hardware store or made easily at home. Cut a piece of wood to size, around 0.5″ x0.25″. Then, use a drill or screwdriver to create an off-center hole on the block, around 0.25″ from one end.

Selecting screws that fit the hole you’ve just created is vital. Using this method, you can create as many stops blocks as needed.

Step 3

To install the stop blocks:

  • Mark the spot where you want to place them in the cabinet.
  • Screw them into the back side of the drawer at the designated area with the blocks inside the drawer.
  • Ensure that the hole remains at the bottom of the block.
  • Screw the block in place using a long screw that will pass through without getting stuck on the opposite side.
  • Allow around 0.5″ of the upper part of the block to protrude above the drawer lip.

Step 4

Now it’s time to complete the process. Turn the block to a horizontal position to insert the drawer into its place. Slide the drawer partially and push it back to catch its rollers. While doing so, ensure that you can reach the block with your hand.

Then, rotate the block vertically and slide it out of the drawer. Finally, test if everything is working correctly.

How to Fix Metal Drawer that Falls Off Track

Most modern cabinets feature drawers that slide on metal glides. To fix them, follow these steps:

Step 1

Stand in front of the kitchen cabinet and gently slide the drawer open. Empty the contents of the drawer. If the drawer only comes out halfway, tap both sides of the drawer gently. Again, you can use paraffin or nylon tape to help slide the drawer smoothly.

Step 2

To fix the issue, use a screwdriver to tighten all the screws present in the drawer runners. Additionally, replace any screws that are broken or misaligned.

Step 3  

Often, the metal runners of drawers wear out, break, or become ineffective, causing problems. To fix this issue, you need to replace the runners. You can purchase similar runners from stores for replacement.

Step 4

Finally, install the new runners for the metal drawer; first, hold the drawer and tilt its front at a 30° angle. Then, locate the small slots of the runners on both sides of the drawer. Next, slide the rollers at the back of the drawer into the slots of the kitchen cabinet.

Gently slide the drawer back onto the runners until it fits all the cabinet slots. If there are any issues, wiggle the drawer until the rollers meet the tracks. Finally, slide the drawer all the way back into the kitchen cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach drawer runners?

Answer: Drawer runners can be attached to the drawer and the cabinet using screws. The runners need to be centered on the drawer’s sides, and the cabinet sides must be measured to ensure they are even. The runners should then be screwed into the drawer and cabinet using appropriate length screws.

Finally, the drawer can be inserted into the cabinet and tested to ensure it slides smoothly on the runners.

Can you replace one kitchen drawer?

Answer: Yes, you can replace one kitchen drawer. The process involves removing the existing drawer and its runners. Measuring the dimensions of the drawer, purchasing a replacement drawer that matches those dimensions, and then installing the new drawer and its runners in the cabinet.

Ensuring the replacement drawer fits properly and slides smoothly on its runners is crucial. If you need help with how to replace a kitchen drawer, it’s recommended to seek guidance from a professional or experienced DIYer.

How do you attach drawer runners?

Answer: Drawer runners can be attached to the cabinet and drawer using screws. First, measure the position of the runners on the cabinet and the drawer. Then, screw the runners onto the cabinet using the appropriate length of screws.

Next, attach the runners to the drawer, and test the drawer to ensure it slides smoothly on the runners.


Having kitchen drawers is essential to achieve a neat and orderly kitchen. However, if your drawers keep falling off the track, don’t worry. It’s not advisable to pull out the faulty drawer from its place.

 In this article, you have learned how to fix kitchen drawers that fall off the track, and we hope the information we have provided will help you solve the problem.



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